Why Box Wine?

A box of wine typically holds 3 liters, equal to four bottles of wine.

Going to a BYOB restaurant with a $10 corkage fee? That works out to…

(boxes * corkage fee) / (bottles * corkage fee) =
(1 * 10) / (4 * 10) = 25%

…a savings of 75%!

According to Bota Box, box wines “create 85% less landfill waste than traditional glass packages.”

That’s roughly 7x better for the environment!

Box wine lasts over a month after opening because no air gets into the bladder as you drink the wine.

That’s 15x longer than a typical bottle would last, or 10x longer if using a bottle pump.

But wait...

Isn't box wine just for college kids with no money?

Not all box wine is bad, just like not all bottled wine is good.

Would a hobbyist photographer spend $10,000 on a camera? Probably not. Or a commuter $100,000 on a Maserati? Probably not.

If you're not going for your master sommelier ranking, why spend $15 or $20 for a bottle of wine that tastes just as good as a box four times the size that costs the same?

Isn't it embarassing to buy a box of wine?


Many people have even started bringing their boxes to BYOB restaurants or to parties.

What is embarassing is spending a lot of money on a bottle that doesn't taste that good, when you could spend a quarter of that for wine that tastes good!

Isn't good box wine hard to find?

True, there aren't a lot of box wine shops. Nonetheless, you can find decent boxes in local grocery stores, many liquor stores, or even online.